“I’d love to step away from my ministry responsibilities to focus on my spiritual and emotional health, to learn how to better manage myself and my church...but I can’t get away. Give that to me in little chunks of time and I’ll be there.”

The Center will help you pursue professional development without leaving your church and regular life.

Our learning experiences address issues of spiritual, emotional, and physical health—and how all three work together to give you the energy to do all the things you have to do. They also present practical skills and tools for personal and church management. And they always include an element of retreat, of small chunks of time spent away from the immediate cares of ministry.

We aim to build up pastors’ skills in these six areas:

  1. Personal Development

  2. Pastoral Care and Spiritual Guidance

  3. Preaching, Teaching, and Worship

  4. Leadership Supervision and Development

  5. Church Administration and Governance

  6. Public Engagement

Our goal is not to add to your burdens, but to give you tools to help you do less-whether that’s a more focused ministry plan, a renewed commitment to equipping your congregation’s leaders so you can delegate more, or a realization that rest will make you a more effective servant of the Lord.